The founder of the company is a graduate in Civil and Structural Engineering from Annamalai University with more than 20 years of experience in the field of civil engineering. He has over the years executed dozens of projects – Industrial, Commercial, Infra-structural and Residential, and is an expert in PMC (PROJECT MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY).

He started his career as a Site Supervisor, and due to his perseverance and passion for perfection, among other traits, he rose in his career to the level of Vice president in a reputed Construction Company in Chennai.

During his long experience, he had been witness to the struggles that Civil Engineers go through after their entry into the industry, due to the dichotomy between what they learnt in their Degree / Diploma Course and the skill – sets required of them by the industry. This made him establish CEET, a training institute exclusively for Civil Engineers.

At CEET, they will get theoretical knowledge and be trained to have the hard skills to meet their occupational requirement. Besides, they will be given soft skills training too. The training modules are so designed that the products of CEET will be sufficiently empowered to face confidently the challenges of their profession in Civil Engineering/Construction industry and excel in it.